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Mary Moquin

Mary Moquin is a University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth MFA graduate in Painting. Juried winner and shown in many Galleries and Museums in New England and Beyond. Artist's Statement-- There have been moments in my life, when I have felt completely connected to something larger, part of a unified whole that exists somewhere beyond the immediate appearance of everyday reality. As a young child, I experienced this sense of connectedness for hours at a time while leisurely exploring my rural surroundings. But, as I have grown older and busier this feeling of unity eludes me, beyond my memory, like a name I can’t quite remember. I am left with a sense of separation and a longing to recapture this feeling of wholeness that came so naturally in my youth. Through my painting I search to rediscover this unity between the specific elements of these spaces and the larger forms and forces of the world. The landscape is the sanctuary I have found that brings me the closest to reuniting myself with this experience of wholeness. In these silent meditative places, I listen for the echo of something I am certain I once heard clearly.Through the process of painting the landscape and contemplating the natural rhythms and phenomenon I witness, I seek to fill the void created by my lingering sense of separation. The motifs depicted in my paintings are metaphors for a way of “being” in the world, a way I have experienced metaphysically in these sacred spaces and that I have gained poetic insight into. This phenomenon has reinforced my intuition of the universe as a single significant whole. It is my hope to awaken this awareness in those that are receptive to it.

Potential Promise
Oil on Panel
12.00 in. x 11.00 in.

Oil on Panel
8.00 in. x 8.00 in.

Finding a Way
Oil on Panel
22.00 in. x 45.00 in.

Oil on Panel
10.00 in. x 28.00 in.

Light Seeker
24.00 in. x 28.00 in.
Oil on Panel

A Way Through
16.00 in. x 19.00 in.
Oil on Panel

Somewhere In Between
23.00 in. x 40.00 in.
Oil on Canvas

Sprig of Summer
11.75 in. x 11.50 in.
Oil on Canvas Panel

Take a Moment
11.00 in. x 14.00 in.
Mixed Media

10.50 in. x 17.00 in.
Mixed Media

Grey Whispers
12.00 in. x 11.00 in.
Mixed Media

Being Still
37.00 in. x 37.00 in.

Looking Back
20.50 in. x 30.00 in.
Mixed Media

36.00 in. x 38.00 in.
Mixed Media

Morning Blush
27.00 in. x 31.00 in.
Mixed Media

At Rest
18.00 in. x 24.00 in.
Mixed Media

The Light of Summer
24.00 in. x 20.00 in.
Mixed Media

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