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Joyce Utting Schutter

Joyce is a native New Englander, born in Boston and raised in Guilford, Connecticut. she spent two decades in the Midwest, working as an artist, teaching, and raising a family. Joyce studied papermaking under Timothy Barrett at the University of Iowa, where she had earned an MFA in Sculpture (’97.) Joyce taught drawing, sculpture, painting, ceramics and graphic design at Iowa Central Community College. Her sculpture experience ranges from cast iron, bronze, and clay to welded steel, fiber, and paper. Boston’s Society of Arts & Crafts, and a 2011 Niche Award from the Buyer’s Market of American Craft. Joyce is becoming increasingly aware of the interconnectedness of all things: bird and wind, eye and shadow, breath and bone. Existence – the whole of it – is one breathing entity: no evaluation, no judgment, no independent opposites, simply a rhythm of complements. Everything in nature, in the universe, is part of the rhythm. Every breath is life giving. Fleetingly, steadily, each breath gives way to the next. Each sculpture Joyce does make is incarnation of a breath, not the whole life, but containing enough interplay of elements to convey some of the essence of the whole. Often when creating a piece, Joyce does attempt to capture some of what she does see as the visual music of the world around me, synthesizing a harmony of natural and human design. Although each component is carefully chosen with symbolic references, it is not her intention that those who view her work would focus on dissecting and analyzing it. Each piece is created with careful attention to the whole, not a puzzle to be solved or a message to be deciphered, but a breath to be inhaled. Joyce’s unique method of sculpting with sprayed paper pulp is described in Volume 13, No.2 of HAND PAPERMAKING and in THE PAPERMAKER’S COMPANION (©2000 by Helen Heibert). Several of her pieces are pictured in the Lark book 500 PAPER OBJECTS due out in (June 2013). She received a SAC Award from the Society of Arts & Crafts in 2006, and a 2011 Niche Award from the Buyers Market of American Craft. Her work has been exhibited nationally I begin each sculpture by welding a thin skeleton of carbon steel. I overlay this with a hand-stitched fiber substrate. Numerous layers of sprayed or hand applied paper pulp, often interspersed with organic materials, imbue each piece with a life of its own. The fascinating chemistry of paper forges the elements together without the use of foreign chemicals or glue. When I want to use color on one of my pieces, I apply pure powdered pigments with a dry brush, or use watercolor or encaustic.

Hand-made Flax & Abaca paper, wood, gourds, goldenrod galls,dry pigments, watercolor

Anatidae's Repose
Abaca, thread, Maple samaras, steel, dry pigments

Buccinidae's Necklace
abaca, flax, black denim, steel,pearlescent dry pigment, varnish

Fagus Grandifolia
flax, Rhododendron wood, organdy,thread, Beech leaves, steel,dry pigments

Gastropodus Sarracenia
cotton, flax, cheesecloth,Poncirus thorns, steel

Gourd piece, driftwood, Flax & Abaca paper pulp, Damar varnish, dry pigments

Homarus Recombinatus
Abaca, Cotton, Hemp, steel, dry pigments

Isolations Gall
flax, cotton, wood, steel, roots, maple samaras, dry pigments

Offering to Prosperity
flax, abaca, steel, wood,organic inclusions, gold leaf

Gourd pieces, Seaweed, string,Sycamore seed nets, Flax paper pulp,Walnut hull stain, dry pigments

Shell of an Earlier Life
flax, cotton, cheesecloth, steel, prairie dandelion, Sweetgumseedpods

The Myth of Autonomy
flax, jute, walnut, steel

Two Ends
Driftwood, Flax, Abaca & cotton paper pulp,metal leaf, Walnut hull stain, dry pigments

Weedwood 2:
Abaca paper pulp, Goldenrod stem galls, Bittersweet wood, string, Kozo fiber, dry pigments,

Weedwood 3: Greening
Bittersweet & Wisteria wood, organdy ribbon, thread, Pampass grass, Abaca paper pulp,Walnut hull stain, dry pigment, ink

What Goes Around
Abaca paper pulp, organic found objects (Oak, Mimosa, & Fennel leaves, seeds, Mayfly wings, etc.) Walnut hull stain, dry pigments, steel

Saxophonus Ranellidae

Sisters: The History Bridges
Mixed Materials

The Lure of Shade
Mixed Materials

Equius Hexifloria I - Spring and Equius Hexifloria II - Late Autumn
Mixed Materials

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