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Larry Horowitz

Larry Horowitz is an American landscape painter born in 1956 in New York City. Horowitz graduated from SUNY Purchase and immediately won the prestigious and coveted position as apprentice to Wolf Kahn. Larry Horowitz currently shows in galleries across the United States and in Canada. His work is in many major corporate and private collections. He has been selected to participate in the Arts-In-Embassies program in the United States Embassies in Finland and Russia. Horowitz's work captures the beauty of the American landscape with an expert use of texture and color that invites imagination and discovery. Through his art, Horowitz strives to depict America's vanishing landscape....Larry Horowitz is a well established landscape painter artist who has been one of our most popular artists at Cove Gallery and on Cape Cod. He is in numerous galleries around the country. He has been with Cove Gallery over 25 years

The Kel-di
14.00 in. x 28.00 in.

Summer Surf
26.00 in. x 32.00 in.

Summer on the Cove
36.00 in. x 60.00 in.

Studio View
12.00 in. x 24.00 in.

Sailboat on Foggy Morning
20.00 in. x 16.00 in.

Powers Landing
12.00 in. x 12.00 in.

Ocean Beach Afternoon
29.00 in. x 40.00 in.

Nauset Light
12.00 in. x 52.00 in.

Mauve Reflections
26.00 in. x 46.00 in.

Loagy Bay Clam
30.00 in. x 48.00 in.

Lieutenant Island Road
24.00 in. x 42.00 in.

Lazy Z Farm
28.00 in. x 14.00 in.

Flowers on Indian Neck
12.00 in. x 16.00 in.

Escape from the City
17.00 in. x 48.00 in.

Dusk over the Hill
20.00 in. x 30.00 in.

Path to the Bay
Oil on Hemp

Provincetown Low Tide
Oil on Hemp

Marsh and Golden Sky
Oil on Hemp
52.00 in. x 12.00 in.

Moody Path
17.00 in. x 13.00 in.
Oil on Panel

Whalebone Point
17.00 in. x 44.00 in.
Oil on Linen

Beach Grasses
18.00 in. x 24.00 in.
Oil on Linen

Mayo Lighthouse
16.00 in. x 20.00 in.
Oil on Linen

Edge of Pond
20.00 in. x 26.00 in.
Oil on Linen

Path to the Sea
24.00 in. x 38.00 in.
Oil on Linen

Ocean Beach
17.00 in. x 22.00 in.
Oil on Linen

Boats in Grey

Orleans Cove
18.00 in. x 25.00 in.
Oil on Linen

Near Seashell Cottages
40.00 in. x 4.50 in.
Oil on Board

Big Sky Wellfleet
48.00 in. x 5.50 in.
Oil on Board

Bay Through the Trees
28.00 in. x 36.00 in.
Oil on Linen

Pamet, Low Tide
22.00 in. x 28.00 in.
Oil on Linen


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